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Trident Truck Accessories

About Trident Truck Accessories

Trident grew out of one of those conversations that happen amongst guys who treat their trucks like their chariots. “I wish there was a tonneau cover like this,” and “Wouldn’t that be a cool truck accessory?” This particular conversation just never ended and eventually instead of gesturing with our hands we were putting pens to paper.

Those pens turned into welding torches and before we knew it, it wasn’t a bonfire we were standing around anymore, but our very own Trident offices. Though our size and scope has increased, we’ve always remained focused on our initial goal: to make durable, affordable, and attractive truck accessories that we would be proud to install on our own trucks.

As you could imagine, the Trident name means a lot to us. When a product leaves our facility bearing the Trident logo, you can be sure that it met all of our stringent guidelines. We wouldn’t sell a product that we didn’t believe was the best on the market. We’d much sooner go back to the drawing board then send a sub-par product out of our doors.

Every Trident truck accessory was designed with functionality in mind, and built from the ground up with the highest quality materials available. We don’t cut corners when it comes to our trucks, so we won’t cut corners on yours. We stand by our process, and our results. Tried. True. Trident.

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