StarBoard Running Boards

Trident StarBoard Running Boards


Let’s face it, your SUV is not a truck. It’s big, it’s brawny, it gets the job done, but a truck it’s not. That’s why here at Trident we wanted to create a set of running boards specifically with the modern SUV in mind. After months of designing, measuring, and redesigning, we couldn’t be happier to present the Trident StarBoard Running Boards.

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  • Aircraft-grade extruded Aluminum construction – lightweight and durable
  • 6” Wide for plenty of stepping surface – UV and corrosion resistant
  • Computer engineered using the latest technology to take stress in any situation
  • High-quality polymer injection-molded end caps
  • Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Your SUV may look good - heck, it may even be the best looking ride on the road, but it will never be quite complete without a set of running boards. Protecting your finish from dings and debris, while making it easier for you and your passengers to climb inside, Trident StarBoard Running Boards really do it all. And best of all, the air-craft grade extruded Aluminum makes them as strong as they come, without weighing you down.

With a roomy 6 inches of width, the Trident StarBoard Running Boards also feature attractive injection-molded end caps. Made from high-quality UV-resistant polymers, these end caps not only look great, but improve the longevity of your running boards at the same time. The computer engineered design ensures that these boards can handle years of stress no matter there you dish it out.

Measured for a perfect fit to your specific application, all of the necessary hardware comes included. We stand by these boards with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Title Info
Fit Vehicle-Specific Fit
End-Caps Injection-Molded
Material Aircraft-grade Extruded Aluminum
Width 6"
Mounting Brackets Included
Finish Textured E-Coat - Black or Stainless Steel
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
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