ToughBoard Running Boards

Trident ToughBoard Running Boards


At Trident, we notice that truck and van owners often have a job, business, or lifestyle that leads them to be hauling big loads pretty frequently. It makes sense, after all, that these types of people would be interested in ending up with a truck or van. If you spend a lot of time loading and unloading your ride, give yourself a hand with loading and unloading yourself with a set of Trident ToughBoard Running Boards.

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  • 14-Guage stamped Carbon Steel deck construction – 6.5” wide
  • Heavy-duty traction lug pattern looks great and creates an optimally gripping surface
  • Welded endcaps look great and help deflect dirt and debris
  • Textured Black E-Coating for a rugged look and complete rust protection
  • Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

It’s fine to be picky about your running boards. After all, once they’re installed they’re likely to be the most defining characteristic of your rig. That’s why when we designed the Trident ToughBoard Running Boards, we needed to make sure we got everything right from top to bottom. Not only are these boards strong, durable, and well-fitting, they’re also some of the most stylish boards available.

A 6.5” deck constructed from 14-gauge stamped Carbon Steel should be enough to show you that the Trident ToughBoard Running Boards were designed with heavy-duty use in mind. The robust look of these steps comes in part from the traction lugs on the surface, but they also serve the very practical purpose of creating an anti-slip gripping surface, even in the most extreme of weather conditions.

Each pair is specifically designed to fit your vehicle exactly, and we’ll even throw in all of the hardware and mounting brackets that it will take to get the job done. Each set is finished in a rugged, textured Black E-Coat, which protects from rust and corrosion for years to come. We back these boards with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Title Info
Fit Vehicle-Specific Fit
Stepping Surface Textured Traction Lugs
Material 14-Gauge Stamped Carbon Steel
Width 6.5"
Mounting Brackets Included
Finish Textured E-Coat - Black or Stainless Steel
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
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